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Hello and welcome to my portfolio! I am Elizabeth, a recent graduate in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic from Brigham Young University. I am driven by a deep commitment to effecting positive change within my community.

Language Proficiency

Some of my most formative experiences have been living abroad. During these experiences, I have been able to gain higher fluency in Arabic and Spanish. After intensive study and immersion in Jordan, I can communicate effectively in both spoken and written Arabic. During my time in Costa Rica, I reached a high level of Spanish through my meaningful interactions with locals living there. These language skills continue to facilitate meaningful connections and allow me to navigate difficult situations with cultural sensitivity, and my experiences living abroad broadened my global perspective and honed my ability to thrive in diverse environments.

Passion for Creating Positive Change

I am motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, which led me to study the Middle East and focus on digital inclusion as a digital access intern with the International Rescue Committee. I am eager to use my academic background and language proficiency to contribute to initiatives that build bridges, foster understanding, and ultimately lead to positive change.

Why Work with Me?

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I am excited about the prospect of contributing my skills and passion to a team whose values align with mine. Thank you for visiting my portfolio! If you share a commitment to creating lasting and positive change, let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate.


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